Written by on July 24, 2017

Viberate is a new company that is changing the way musicians get paid.

Musicians are no strangers to how fickle it is to get paid for your craft. There can often be issues regarding payment, especially if you are not a headliner and even if you are, there’s always the pesky currency conversion etc.

Live shows are the best way to make money yet this can be a challenge still.This new company hopes to increase the vibe for your payment via crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ether or their own currency, Vibe.

There are already 120 000 profiles on the service, including huge artists like Robbie Williams and Linkin Park.

It also boats profiles from venues and event organisers and even fans can get in on the action. What sets this company apart is that it doesn’t operate in recorded music like many others do.

Raise your Vibe

This company is supported by the European Commission’s “Music Moves Europe” initiative as well as the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. The platform boasts a profile curated by event organisers looking for the next best thing, musicians looking for gigs as well as fans looking to boost or get involved.

This allows all parties to find each other and flourish. You earn ‘Vibes’ by creating profiles and as the platform grows, so does the value of the “Vibe.”

On the 5 th of September Vibe tokens will be offered in a public crowd sale to boost research and further development.

We have all seen how valuable Bitcoin has become, and so we see this growing trend of crypto currencies taking over the monetary system.

If you want to get a slice of the Vibe, visit the Viberate website to sign up.


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