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By Russell Joseph

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DJ Russell Joseph has been spinning now for 30 years spinning a wide variety of genres and respecting all forms of music. He is based in Toronto, Canada. In the last three years, Russell has built a strong following, while being attached to the South African House Music scene. His Podomatic mixes have been heard far and wide in SA and has received attention from industry heavyweights such as Dino Michael, Ralf Gum and a long list of others. Showcasing some of SA’s up and coming AND established talent, helps to support and expose artists and DJs looking to reach a wider audience. Looking for the newest and freshest talent has become an easy task as there are a lot of hungry artists looking to be exposed. Russell is willing to give anything a chance and very well be responsible for putting a number of talented artists on the map from their very beginning. As his fanbase grows, so does Russell’s love and respect for South Africa. His goal? To set foot on South African soil, and to give back to those that have shown him love over the last three years.

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