Dolls Combers – Side B

By Masta-B

1.Feat. Dawn Nicole – Dreaming of you
2.Feat. Dana Byrd & Tantra Zawadi – Live love life (vocal mix)
3.Feat. Nicole Mitchell – Don’t Stop (The Music) (Hippie Torrales Vocal Mix)
4.Feat. Kafele Bandele – A Star Supreme (DC Supreme Vocal Mix)
5.Feat. Carla Prather – The Morning After (Antidotes Remix)
6.Feat. James Lavonz – Nothing Lasts Forever
7.Feat. Carla Prather – Touch My Soul (DC Original Vocal Mix)
8.Feat. Miz-dee, Dana Byrd – Open Your Eyes
9.Feat. Wayne Tennant – I Love U Still (Seb Skalski
10.Feat. Mario Inchausti – You Are My Everything
11.Nos En Espalmador
12.You Got Samba
13.Feat. James Vargas – Nathan
14.Last Tango In Paris
15.Touch of saddness
16.Just Cruisin
17.My Brotha Makes It Funky
18.Ride on the hammond
19.Blues Night

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