Life @ 116-118 BPM Part 52

Russell Joseph


1.Pleasure – Mousse T., Peven Everett
2.I Can See It (Miguel Miggs Salted Vocal Mix) – Lisa Shaw, Miguel Miggs
3.Heard It All Before (Reel People Vocal Mix) – Lydia Harrell, Reel People
4.Straight Magic (Wamdue Kids Jazz Mix) – Ananda Project
5.I Wanted your Love (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix) – Ali Tennant, Brian Power, Ronnie Herel, DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins
6.Melodie (The Shapeshifters Remix feat. Cleah) – Mousse T., Cleah, The Shapeshifters
7.You Do It For Me (Original Mix) – Harley and Muscle feat. Dihann Moore
8.YNF (You’ll Never Find)(Piano Dub) – Ron Trent
9.I Wonder (Sean’s Nostalgic Dub) – Sean McCabe, Nathan Adams
10.Harriet Jones (Reelsoul Main Remix) – Eric Benet, Reelsoul
11.Love Alive (Feliciano Vocal Mix) – Heather Johnson, Frankie Feliciano
12.Losin’ My Head (Peaktime Mix) – Monkey Brothers, Shaun Escoffery
13.Because I Love You (Reelsoul Mix) – Typheni, DJ Spen, Reelsoul
14.I’ve Got My Happiness (Main Mix) – Intense, Charvoni, DJ Spen, DJ Karizma
15.Alone (Sole Channel Mix) – Jonn Cutler, Luna, Alix Alvarez
16.One Desire (Alix Alvarez F1 Series Vox) – Barbara Tucker & Tuccillo, Alix Alvarez
17.Outta Love (Alix Alvarez SOLE Channel Remix) – Reel People, Omar, Alix Alvarez

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