DJ Culoe De Song has a new hit song, inspired by gaming

Written by on April 20, 2017

After being selected for the 2008 Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona he released his first EP, the Bright Forest on Berlin-based label, Innervisions.

His music has since sky-rocketed and at the ripe age of 26 years old this dynamic Afro House Producer/DJ/story teller has secured a legion of fans from all over the world including dance capitals like Paris, Miami, Switzerland and Sweden.

Ultimately, he feels that home is where the heart is. Despite travelling the world and playing to massive audiences he says, “I have a soft spot for home.”

This is such an example of his artistry, his ‘heartistry’.

Rambo-wielding inspiration.

Although electronic music isn’t focussed on lyrics and ‘in your face’ messages, it can make you feel more than any other genre.

I mean the point of art is to inspire, no matter the medium. One of his fans told him how listening to one of De Song’s older albums helped cure his depression.

Speaking of mediums of inspiration, his latest single certainly comes from peculiar but not surprising inspiration.

His new single, Rambo, is inspired by his “love for video games and the sound system culture”, he said.

He is pulled towards the feeling of victory that comes from playing games and feels that this track has allowed him to feel that same exhilarating rush.

Rambo was released last month and has claimed victory on the charts as well as in club’s.

DJ Culoe De Song seems to be a magnet for inspiration whether it be his surroundings, his childhood, or even things he enjoys doing. DJ Culoe De Song also has a 5-year plan in which he wants to create his own unique electronic music concerts. De Song must go on!


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